WOW Bali is an internationally recognized initiative specializing in "regenerative sustainable development" by fusing the forces and properties of mutualism, creative economics and learning exchange.

WOW's programs are based on proven and recognized best practices that we have called "Celebration Programs." Our creative autonomy and regenerative leadership programs for the development of the Social Holistic (So-Ho) Entrepreneurs are internationally recognized, and have been case-studied by the National Alliance of New Media Arts and Culture ( and were used for the Digital Global Ambassadors Programs of UNESCO and at the ISEA Symposium sponsored by Adobe, Inc.

WOW EXPERIENCE, the Human Bio-Diversity Framework is based on WowBali's "Sustainable Dynamics" and is presented in a MTV New Media fashion. It’s based on WOW's Sustainable Dynamics and Wellness Processes, culled from research and selected through best practices, both ancient and modern. Our presentation brings state-of-the-arts multimedia tools capture the essence of WOW's "sustainable dynamics." We want to inspire your creative potential so that you can truly liberate the abundance you have within you..

WOW Bali projects are part of Global Banjar Internasional Yayasan. In 2013-2014, case studies of WOW's casestudies of "best practices" were presented at APEC, APO, ICRAF,  FEALAC and documented by Presidio Graduate School for IDEO Connect.

On March 29, 2014 - A Presentation for collaborations with Dwijendra University | Case studied by ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity was presented of WOW's Human BioDiversity Framework. In collaborations with The Mansion, Sekar Bumi Farm, Kerta Village, Bindu Village, Gianyar Generations, Ophans of Jodie O'shea and Dwijendra University.

Merchants in Collaboration: Flowers by Zoe, Don Acai, Angelo's, Eco Design Center, Moments in Expressions, Paulo's, Lychee Concept, Jelila, Sacred Scoops, Divine Goddess, Utama Spice, Women Weaving Project of Sudaji, and Tirta Bulan. Affiliated Communities: Pur Taman Sari and Omunity.

For information about latest efforts, please click the link:
WOW Bali Information Sheet

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