Smart Centers, part of "Cultural Wealth" program has over hundreds of hectare in land offerings among pristine locations; currently in Bali, Philippines, Vietnam and Hawaii. With diverse stakeholders holistically participating via mutualism in the areas of social entrepreneurship, New Media, design communications, hospitality, tourism, organic farming, holistic education, academia research, permaculture, human rights, and youth communities. The backbone of WOW's Smart Centers and eco-villages are based on WOW's internationally recognized "Regenerative Solutions." This is based on WOW's Eight (8) Pillars of "Sustainable Dynamics" applied via Eco-Tourism and our Social Holistic Entrepreneurship programs; showcased in our Edutainment "WOW EXPERIENCE" presentation. WOW's "Sustainable Dynamics" framework is a "cookie cutter" approach makes it easy to regenerate future Eco-Villages and Smart Centers for the sustainable regernerative development at all levels.

Our holistic participatory model via WOW's
dynamic wellness; applying creativity, celebrations, FUN and wellbeing has been reviewed to be one of the most transformative and optimum results in sustainable and regenerative development.

For more information on specific "Smart Centers" and/or how to experience WOW as a collaborator for an active learning exchange, and/or partner with WOW to lead sutainable retreats and adventures, please visit our
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Kerta "Smart​ Center"

Kerta's "Smart Center" is nestled inside Sekar Bumi Farm; Bali's largest organic exotic flower farm. This sustainable and ecological showcase facility with camp sites, trekking paths, and longest zip lines makes this wonderland one of our favorites Eco-Village development and "smart center" here in Bali.

Selected as one of three beta sites in Indonesia for organic certification with fully develop organic processes. Organic exotic flowers are being grown natural via agroforestry standards. This certified organic region uses only bio-fertilizer and biogas in every home makes this region of sustainable development unique. Thirty minutes above Internationally renown village of Ubud regionally position on the rain belt makes Kerta "Smart Center" one of the best regenerative location of ecological development.

For more information, please visit WOW's Cultural Weath Development presentation for Sekar Bumi Farm. | CLICK HERE! Also, here are our "Action Research" for our human-centered design development.

BIG PHOTO: Inside view of WOW Houses. Multifunctional design for Natural Aesthetic and Eco-adaptive resources to nurture regional ecological biodiverity and human collaborative network.  SMALL PHOTO: WOW House Demo at the Mansion Resort in Penestanan, Ubud.

Bali's "Cultural Wealth" Project

WOW Cultural Wealth Collaboration aims to bring back the understanding of what it means to have cultural identities and what this abundance truly offers. Just a generation ago, the people of Bali lived among the prosperity of their land; yet today, they seem to have abandoned their sustainable and holistic life. We have decided to tackle this paradigm shift and see how far we can try to regain the Balinese path to sustainable living.

In collaborations with Jodie Oshea Orphanage and the Mansion Baliwood Resort, WOW will implement our internationally recognized and award0winning "Celebrations Programs" as an enrichment programs for the "at-hope" youths in the summer of 2014. Our goals are to develop sustainable and wellness skills for these children so that they can sustain their living and learning abilities and wellbeing; participate as global contributors in the 21st century. 

WOW Youth's Bootcamp Proposal

MaJayJay "Smart Center"

This project was inspired by our first meeting with Mayor Tino Rodillas at the Costales Nature Farms on 23 May, 2014. The mayor mentioned a key problem in his municipality—the lack of interest of Majayjay youths in organic agriculture as a way of life and a way to embrace their culture. This issue resonated with WOW co-founder Hai Dai, who recalled his experience helping the youths in Hawaii, USA and in Bali, Indonesia. 

Despite the potential of agriculture as a rewarding profession for a majority of our rural population, a growing number of our youths has become disinterested in an agrarian lifestyle. Our countryside continues to experience migration of young talents to the cities or to overseas in search of the proverbial “greener pasture.” While we grant our youths the freedom to decide their own future, we at the same time have failed to present them with the option of remaining in their rural hometowns and participate in the sustainable development of agricultural lands and the preservation of their local cultures.


If we are to dream of sustainability and wellness in living, we must educate our youths and influence them to go back to a natural, organic way of living, to promote a healthy lifestyle in a holistic coexistence. 

WOW International Initiative for Sustainable and Wellness Development; regenerative through "sustainable human development" via one's dynamic potential.

Bindu "Smart Center"


Pak Gusti a visionary in the Village of Bindu. The eldest of four brothers, Pak Gusti has witnessed generations of youths leaving the village and not return. After leaving for National University and getting caught up in the stress of college life, many youths tend to stray away from the simplicity of life in their village. They are trapped in the rat race, in the pursuit of empty material wealth. They abandon the land that they should inherit from their forefathers, they forsake their ancestral life and abandon their legacy.

To encourage the youths to reacquaint themselves with their culture, Pak Gusti has offered WOW 5 hectares of pristine land outside of Ubud for the development of a regenerative "smart center." Pak Gusti hopes to protect his own children and grandchildren from the crass emptiness of modern life, from the blind pursuit of environmentally damaging materialism.

Tri Hita Karana Bali's Founder shares permaculture processes to help sustain what is considered to be the impossible conditions.

WOW vision is to support permaculture solutions to impoverished  communities and evolve its resources into our "Sustainable Dynamics" Framework
Our goals are to find the forces and properties that regenerate "simple solutions" into "Smart Center" that will sustain communities towards thriving social economic developments via our International recognized "Sustainable and Wellness" framework.



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