WOW International Initiative for Sustainable and Wellness Development; regenerative through "sustainable human development" via one's dynamic potential.


We started the year of 2013 with the Presidio Graduate School in

San Franscisco doing a case study on WOW’s  efforts here in Bali.

The case study from one of the best Sustainable Management

schools was titled "Permaculture to Save a Disappearing Culture." Since then, we have been asked to present our findings at APEC, APO, FEALAC, ICRAFF International Conferences.

In March 2014, WOW’s program was case-studied by ASEAN

Centre for Biodiversity as the "HUMAN Biodiversity Framework."

In May 2014, we were presented as the TOP Sustainability and Wellness framework in South East Asia by Ms. Calderon,

Senior Reseacher for the Develoment Academy of the

Phililipines. WOW WEE! This is WHY we are so excited about sharing our New Media presentation... It seems to regenerate exponentially!





“My family and I had a great time in Bali even if it's too short for us to learn all of sustainability. You fullfill my dream to teach my children to learn with edutainment.”

Ms. Urairatana Naothaworn
Director of International Affairs
Ministry of Tourism and Sports

Who would have thought that our

simple presentation "WOW EXPERIENCE"

on "Sustainable Dynamics," the forces and properties of being sustainable could have such a great effect?  It started out in the late 90's as a technology research for alternative education for Sun Laboratory in Silicon Valley.  From there, it has led us to one of the top sustainable learning programs -- UNESCO's Global Ambassador programs -- and is now considered as one of the TOP sustainability and wellness frameworks for communities. WOW!

We are so excited about sharing our efforts that we would like to

accept your donations as an offering to invite other organizations" of your choice" to share our dynamic presentation, "WOW EXPERIENCE", the Human Biodiversity Framework for sustainability and wellness. WOW wants "every offering" to be a regenerative gift in creating more sustainable and wellness cultures. This is how we honor our gratitude!




“It was a sheer pleasure listening to you. I can listen to you  non-stop for a month, hoping to capture even half of your wisdom.”

Mr. Kris Egea, Human Resource

Development Academy of the Philipines

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