"It takes a village to raise our children"​ is the common thread between our Smart Center's Collaborators and Stakeholders.


Seeking an array of holistic inter-disciplinarians to share our framework in sustainable and wellness development. Learn WOW's Sustainable Dynamic framework and participate in our "award winning" Celebration Programs. Collaborate within our regenerative leadership framework to optimize your creative potential via an active learning exchange for the buildings of sustainable "collaborative networks."

Looking for a diverse collection of doers, thinkers, feelers and knowers to make our "Smart Centers" programs more dynamic and sustainable for regenerative development via Smart "learning" centers and sutainable and wellness communities.



  • New Media & Information Technologists

  • Design Communicators

  • Creative Arts Integrators & Instructor

  • Permaculturists / Eco Designers

  • Mentors and Life Coaches

  • Disciplinary Arts

Including "Organization Stakeholders" in the areas of:

  • Local Businesses

  • Youth Organizations

  • Local NGOs

  • Spiritual Organizations

  • Cultural Organizations

  • Social Entrepreneurs

  • Local Colleges/Universities

  • Arts/ Theatre Groups

  • Health and Wellness Organizations

  • Hotel/Business Organizations

  • National Government


Fill out the Collaborators and Stakeholders' Application to participate in our "Smart Centers'" Collaboration and receive our next

three (3) months action plan.


Collaborators and

WOW International Initiative for Sustainable and Wellness Development; regenerative through "sustainable human development" via one's dynamic potential.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an essential component in WOW's  "Sustainable Dynamics' Framework.


Check out WOW's CSR "Roadway Towards Sustainability" and additional CSR research (see links below) to see how your company is an integral part of Corporate Social Responsibility through WOW's  "sustainable and wellness" framework. See why it is essential for today's sustainable development to integrate Corporate Social Responsibility. WOW's solutions goes beyond the social responsibility of supporting ecological degradation and/or sustaining communities abroad but empower the corporation within to holistically participate, enabling corporate employees with the same dynamic potentials and benefits. It will take the wellbeing in all of us to regenerate sustainability for the planet. We need well rounded solutions that enable corporate employees to be leaders in a "sustainable dynamic" model as contributors and holistic participants worldwide. Social responsibility solutions that start from within the corporate networks and regenerate its efforts to "collaborative networks" worldwide will be the dynamics we need to seek for sustainability via social responsibility.


Leadership comes from not creating more followers, but from inspiring new leaders! WOW’s sustainability efforts are developed through Sustainable Tourism for Sustainable Human Development. Our best practices are based on an Internationally recognized "Sustainable Dynamic & Wellness" framework case studied by IDEO.org, the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity, and the Development Academy of the Philippines. Our best practices have also been presented at APEC, Asian Productivity Organization, ICRAFF, FEALAC International Conferences in 2013-2014.




Roadway towards




WOW's sustainable and regenerative model is made possible by the synergistic commitments and dedications of our partners.

Partners are inspired by the WOW Experience! This inspiration initiates one’s optimum dynamic potential within self to find real sustainability as regenerative efforts through holistic collaborations. See why WOW’s “Sustainable Dynamics” of mutualism is the best effect for sustainability, creative economics for maximum affect in developing holistic communities and via active learning exchanges for the best flow for regenerative development. As WOW’s partner, you are a Social Holistic Leader sharing the most effective /affective approaches in the regeneration of sustainability and wellness within your communities. Via WOW Awakening Retreat and Adventures, we can co-create new inspirations for our collaborative networks in creations of "Smart Centers" for the regeneration of ecological communities worldwide.


Contact us for the next available WOW Awakening Retreats and Adventures. See how a dedication and commitment to your "collaborative networks" and WOW's "Sustainable Dynamics" framework is all the abundance you will need to participate.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.




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