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We are constantly inter-connecting and evolving dynamically; adapting with the "ebb and flow" of life. So understanding your dynamic framework is KEY to adapting and inspiring our experiences and living our fullest dynamic potential. This is what living in the WOW is about, rather than expected ideals and/or high concepts of being. Returning to our source like all other species on the planet and realizing how our dynamics are aligned with the forces and properties of the universe; co-creating sustainably and regernating WOW experiences!

These are commentaries of the Eight (8) Pillars shared by Hai Dai, WowBali's Co-Founder and visionary. They are part of his understanding and teachings of the "Human Biodiversity" Framework. This framework was simply designed so anyone can understand and adapt within their dynamics; from  all cultures, geographic locations, beliefs system and/or considerations. The framework was designed to unite us via the "spirit of togetherness" for the development of regenerative and sustainable communities. This will be shared via different commmunication methods for a hyper learning exchange that can be apply in the moments of every day lives. WOW's "Sustainable Dynamic" framework was created with the concept of "human being first" and evolutionary processes to ensure real change happens;  both for the wellness of the individuals and the community they live in at the "holistic participatory" level.


The "WOW EXPERIENCE" should inspire you to start from your personal "dynamic wellbeing" to how we can integrate "sustainable dynamics" within our communities that is inclusive for everyone through the expression of "creativity (and love)" and to empower oneself with "regenerative leadership"; enabling dynamic active exchanges. We need to advocate sustainable human development via the fun and creative intelligences, the genius of "celebrations and ceremonies" that connect us deeply with our life's essence. We need to develop "Social Holistic Entrepreneurs" that will "fuse cultures" using their passion in holistic participation. In short, inspiring "WORLD CITIZENS!"



"Think of WOW's framework with its eight pillars as cogs of a wheel that interconnect us to the gears of an evolutionary & dynamic Universe that naturally makes us sustainable and regenerative."

Dynamics Wellness
...take control of your wellbeing

We have everything we need to know within our bodies. The way our bodies’ function can be a checklist for the way we relate with everything else. If we stop giving up our rights to others in the way we think, eat, sleep and be healthy and take the time to sit and listen to our bodies, we will know what to do. IT'S THAT NATURAL!

Most of our stress comes from loosing the right to choose our wellness. If you learn a few techniques and the basic understanding of your emotions, awareness, consciousness and personal intelligences, you can be a dynamic wellbeing. This basic self-knowledge of our human body and its wellbeing can expand our understanding of all relatedness, possibly the universe. | Academe Info

Sustainable Dynamics
...communities working together affectively

Everyone talks of being sustainable but they are only considering societal concepts such as money, power and time; external conditions. Sustainable Dynamics brings us back to understanding the bigger picture of relationships and how natural things balance out by allowing everyone to holistically participate.


This may go against the control of power, time and money; otherwise we are much like the biodiversity of nature, where in a complete natural system of everything contributing and hollistically participating it can be a win, win, win for all. | Academe Info

Natural Aesthetic
..."human nature" first

Human nature has the most affect on our natural surroundings; therefore humans should be the first consideration in understanding how to be harmonious with Mother Nature. Nature and its elements connect with humans at our core, it leaves imprints in our minds and heart via deep connections of peace and tranquility.  This proves that nature is a great inspiration for us, a perfect medium that resonates to enable us to co-express with each other. A simple walk in the forest or park with friends is a great tool to connect with each other in the most natural way.


Nature, being a constant in affecting its surrounding is a perfect model for us to touch on our understanding when connecting with human nature.  Once we connect the way nature does; we will see that human nature is nature's highest offering. Then our connections with each other can be the greatest of inspirations, such as love. This can be achieved when and wherever you are, with or without nature. | Academe Info

CREATIVITY & LOVE's our greatest gifts within

Love and creativity are our highest expressions |research presentation|. It is the way we connect and share with one another on the highest emotional level. Learning how to express these processes can help turn our emotions into actions. Love is considered to be one of the strongest emotions and most powerful motivators. Also much similar to creativity it allows us to express ourselves completely. The right process of creativity can enhance one's love process, as we know how love can enhance one's creativity.


It is our highest nature to love and create; therefore it can be used as our most dynamic offering and exchange for all relationships. WOW’s learning exchange is simple and unique for everyone to be able to express their creativity and love and to easily share it with others; rather than the exclusivity and/or being complicated which we have been conditioned to believe. And through “creative and imaginative” practices, we can achieve devotion with each other as our highest freedom. | Academe Info

WOW was experienced by our co-founder, Hai Dai when he came to his personal consciousness that there are the forces and properties to everything dynamic! These forces and properties come from changing our sense of perception, letting go of beliefs that doesn’t serve us and/or simply loving more by  offering and accepting life's gifts. Optimally being in the present.

The dynamic of being first comes from understanding the “bigger picture",  realizing it encompases all of existence. From here we need to know that the living universe is constantly cultivating and expanding its energetics. This dynamic source is the driving force and property of all living things. It co-creates with our personal power, flow, chi, what ever you want to call it; supporting our dynamic being. How we connect to this dynamic source starts within YOURSELF, the understanding of ourselves and what that means for us through our intelligences, our perceptions, socially and culturally and ultimately with nature is how we connect with ALL RELATIONSHIPS.

We could share with you all of the possible outlooks for deep meanings and fulfillment that you can achieve, whether it’s integrated or holistic ways of life that include deep meaningful relationships, creative and inspired self-expression, connections with intimacy, vital and regenerative health, wealth and money in abundance, vibrant energy and the time to enjoy what we love AND we can even direct you to all the seminars, books and educational materials available but then we would only be sharing with you more frustrations in never achieving one's dynamics; but rather someone else processes and experiences. That is why the
"WOW EXPERIENCE" is a framework that allows you to connect to the dynamic SELF… and return your WOW FACTOR!


You have heard that it begins with your personal intent but how do we know what our intent is without knowing one's “true self."  And is the “true self” is what we want to realized? Our truths is in the here and now. If only we can just accept that we are part of a greater force; an ever changing, multi- dimensional, multi-levels dynamics, we can tap into its abundance resource... this is WOW Awakening and it starts HERE!



Regenerative Leadership
...leaders that help others to lead

Learning without leadership is incomplete. To complete your learning cycle is to share it and that creates good leadership. These two dynamics are the flow of human existence; therefore the regenerating of learning and leadership is an important exchange for our consciousness.


Everyone has a teacher, every teacher was student, one cannot exist without the other and the cycle of this relationship is key to the dynamic of our existence. To teach so that your student can lead one day should be as important as their learning, as to learn from your students can make us better teachers. This regenerative and evolutionary process keeps teachers thriving towards higher understandings of leadership, from sharing information and leading the experience to inspiring creative actions in others.

In short, show, share, inspire and regenerate. | Academe Info

Celebrations and Ceremonies
...connections to our life's essence and our divinity

Celebrations and ceremonies are life markers of who we are. Annual birthdays and anniversaries are important milestones in our lives. What we choose to mark and how we choose to mark these important events, connects us to our life's essence. If we choose to numb ourselves with alcohol and drugs as part of our celebrations, that too defines our essence. The same as if we see that each morning is a celebration of life would have a uniquely different affect.

Learn the simple connections of all celebrations and ceremonies that all cultures share so that we can connect with each other at our core. Then see how easy it is to make every event intentful, deepening the connection to your life's essence. | Academe Info


Cultural Fusion
...glue that connect us and the planet

Cultural wealth started when the abundance from the land gave the people the time and resource to cultivate cultural identity. The purpose of cultural responsibility from this abundance is to then connect its people, from their mind to their heart. Without the cultural wealth from the land of its people, cultural identity may lack integrity relating to the ideas, customs, and social behavior of a society. This may also diminish cultural identity and disconnect from the abundance of their land.

Cultural fusion in today's globalization has been dictated by a monetary society, rather than the identity that comes from supporting the land and the minds and hearts of its people. Cultural fusion needs to preserve the uniqueness of the land's abundance via the sentiments of its people. This emotional belief should interconnect us all at the cultural level to enable us to share resources. Sumuan Tiga Ceremony here in Bali showcase how three villages gather to share celebrations and ceremonies that interconnect each other's village via the preservations of ideas, customs and social behaviors. | Academe Info

Social Holistic Entrepreneurs
...defenders of "collaborative networks"

To live in a fully sustainable and regenerative way, we need more leaders than followers. Social Holistic leaders "regenerate" by inspiring more leaders to create "collaborative networks" that govern a more holistic understanding of our ecological biodiversity.

That is why we want to share our WOW EXPERIENCE with community of international wealth holders and inheritors, investors, talented thinkers. Fellows will be inspired, equipped and connected to exercise their dynamic potential and elevate their social impact for real global change. | Academe Info



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